Friday, July 16, 2010

My Glenview Photography Exhibit

Took this from a bus that had just stopped in traffic in downtown Washington, DC.  It was juried into an exhibit by a curator from the National Portrait Gallery.  Don't get shots like this very often.
Taken at JFK Airport.  I waited two hours for someone wearing a hat to pass this advertisement on the wall.  This person stopped and took out his cellphone which was a close match to the technology in the wall ad.
Taken at a craft show in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Business was slow.
At the pyramids at Giza, outside of Cairo.  4500+ year-old pyramids, 3500 year-old mode of transport, and a cell phone. 

Taken at a food stand on Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC. Note the geometry of the scene: the 'V' angle at which the people were standing, and the repeat of the 'V' in the ice cream cone, pretzel, pizza, the beef sign.

Vendor stand at a craft show in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
On the Metro, leaving the car.
Sculpture at an art show.  I named it "Never Ahead".  It is overlooking the stadium where the Washington Nationals play - they lost 103 games that season - guess they weren't ahead often.
Two senior citizens after a hard day of retirement.
Spent a few hours on a rainy afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial.  A color version of this is hanging at the Library of Congress.
Regular or Premium?  Shot in Israel.
Hungry in the nation's capital?  Shouldn't happen.
New Rockville, Maryland, library on its opening day.
Taken as we were walking to the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence.  I first noticed the textures and linearity of the scene.  A pleasant surprise when I saw the facial expressions of the three people and the mime.  Juried into two exhibits.
Scene in Israel.
Florence, Italy, street scene.
Cairo street scene.
Taken at the fortress in Acre, Israel.  Do all four of them make a living from this?  Won a first place in one of my camera club's competitions.
In a coffee shop in Maryland.
At the pyramids at Giza, outside Cairo.  I like the geometry of the scene; the triangle of the pyramid, the squareness of the rocks, the arc formed by the people.
Come back soon.... The rest of the exhibit's photos will be added in the next few days.